Amazing Pussy Torso Sex Doll for Men

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Topco Sales Cyberskin Intimates Virtual Sweetheart - Light, Best Real Dolls Suggested Price: Too low to display.
Manufacturer: TOPCO
Amazon Reviews: Topco Sales Cyberskin Intimates Virtual Sweetheart - Light

The Cyberskin Intimates Virtual Sweetheart is a unique little sex doll that offers both anal and vaginal entry with realistic, tight features, including a nice round, plump bottom.

The Virtual Sweetheart is crafted of soft, life-like CyberSkin so you can take pleasure in the feel of realistic skin against your own skin.

The inner tunnel is ‘S’ shaped with raised nubs for added sensation and pleasure. In addition, it’s designed in an alternating tight/loose pattern. This is a great artificial vagina sex doll and perfect for getting close to the real thing without having to get a larger sex doll.

Cyberskin Intimates Virtual Sweetheart Features

  • Double Entry
  • Latex-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • CyberSkin Material
  • Realistic Vagina Lips
  • Plump Butt
  • Made in the USA

Cyberskin Intimates Virtual Sweetheart More Information

  • Beige color
  • 8.75” length, 6.50” width
  • 4.60 pounds

More Information: Topco Sales Cyberskin Intimates Virtual Sweetheart - Light

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Thank you for visiting SexFleshToys – a shrine to the hottest, and squishy-est, sex toys in the world.  Our sex toys blogs provide a safe online environment to discover sex toys. 

Below we’ve posted our pics for our current favorite adult playthings.  Be sure to check back for new updates! 

The Autoblow 2

We like the Autoblow 2 robotic blowjob machine because it’s hands free, the makers crowd-funded it to get it going (go humans!), and it feels great. You can check out the Autoblow 2 at their website, or look at our write up of this robotic sex toy here.

We’ve used the Autoblow 2 and given a full write-up at our site If you decide to order one, we have one caveat. Get a SMALL sized sleeve. Even if you have a big cock. I got a medium originally, thinking it would be a great fit, but ended up getting a small which worked perfectly (and I have a just-slightly above average length penis with a large girth). After that I was VERY happy with this toy.

Terry - The Transsexual Sex Doll

People LOVE LOVE LOVE this toy.  In fact, this might be the most popular toy on all our sex toy blogs.

Great for men, women and couples (have a third partner in bed without the emotional baggage!), this hermaphrodite sex doll makes the perfect third person to bring into a bed or to satisfy your transsexual fantasies.

We like the size, we like the look and we like the feel of the material – SexFlesh. This is a great quality SexFlesh sex doll. We’ve looked at it at many of our blogs because so many people like it.

Best Lubes

If you’re using your hand to get off, we recommend a thick Silicone Lubricant, but if you’re using sex toys we recommend a water-based lubricant. They are non-corrosive and won’t hurt the toys you’re using. This is the most popular water-based sex lube on our site, and we whole-heartedly agree with our readers. This is good stuff: Passion Lubes, Natural Water-based Lubricant, 16 Fluid Ounce.

We sell A TON of lubes at our store

Best Gay or Male Sex Doll

This is our favorite gay male sex toy and one of our favorite sex dolls over all. Chiseled chad is a great toy for those wanting to experience a rock hard six-pack and chiseled chest.

This male sex doll’s cock is always ready to go – whenever you are. Because he’s flat, he’s easy to store and easy to hide. SexFlesh is an incredibly realistic material. It holds heat well and feels life-like when it’s wet or lubed up.

Chiseled Chad Gay Male Sex Doll

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