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Great Tranny SexFlesh Sex DollIt’s really hard to go wrong when you’re graced with the softness and strength of SexFlesh coupled with the perfect replication that so many of these lovely toys exhibit.

Whether you’re seeking a busty babe, a bubbly bottom, a set of rippled abs or a delightful tranny with proud, pert nipples and a quite sizable surprise we’ve got just what your libido needs with our solid selection of the most loved XR Brands sex toys out today.

The XR Brands very own website alone boasts over 150 toys made exclusively from SexFlesh and that collection is really quite a sight to behold! But here on our site you’ll find the absolute top sellers and most beloved, fan requested toys the XR company offers. In fact the top section of this page features the sex flow toys that are highlighted on our site when you first come to visit.

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SexFlesh Sex Toys

Best SexFlesh Dildo Sex ToysWho doesn’t love the male penis? Half, or more, of the porn we watch is penises – whether we’re straight or gay.

Not everyone likes a big fat dildo, but many do.  There are a great number of SexFlesh dildos available.  It’s a great material to sculpt into.

A realistic dildo is a great way to enact down-low, or secretly gay, fantasies without actually having to pick up another guy.  Not just for ladies anymore, men of all persuasions are finding that a little experimenting with a big cock sex toy doesn’t hurt anyone – unless you really want it to!  If you really want to use one, get your wife or girlfriend one – many men will play with their wife’s while she and kids are away.

We’ve read statistic as high as 50% of all men have experimented with a dildo or vibrator sex toy.

 These days there are ALL kinds of fake penises to tantalize women and men alike.   Here is a great selection from our webstore –

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When choosing a dildo a good rule of thumb is that the average dildo is about 7 inches long. This is a good size and will fill up most people. Look for smaller than that for a more comfortable fit and larger for a truly monster cock. Clicking on the link or images below will open the SexFlesh Dildos in Amazon.


SexFlesh Toys at Amazon

These SexFlesh sex toys truly are the best of the best.  There are quite a few SexFlesh sex dolls available – from smaller artificial pussies to some amazing full size torso sex dolls. But one area that SexFlesh really shines is with the SexFlesh dildos you can purchase. There are some amazing SexFlesh dildos available in all shapes and sizes. You can see a wide variety of them below.

Clicking the links below will open the toys in Amazon where you can get more information and browse the products safely and at a trusted source. They have a ton of sex toys there. These toys should server as a good entry into their collection.