Sex Toy Material Guide

Our site is called SexFlesh Toys, and you will find many Sexflesh toys on our site. But there are many sex toy materials that looks and feel like Sexflesh, but with slight variations. Below you’ll find descriptions of the materials of the toys on our site.

When buying a new sex toy we recommend that before you use it, you rub it on the inside of your forearm and see if any irritation develops. There is very little regulation over what goes into sex toy materials so you want to make sure you are not allergic to if before using it on more sensitive areas.



Cyberskin is made by Topco, one of the largest sex toy manufacturers in the world. It’s generally considered a high quality sex toy material and people that use Cyberskin toys tend to like them alot.

Cyberskin is basically Topco’s trademarked version of Sexflesh.

It doesn’t have an phthltes or latex in it, but it is generally considered a porous material, and as such should be cleaned thoroughly after each use. You should also be very careful about sharing Cyberskin toys as bacteria is a concern with them if they haven’t been washed properly.

Finally, be sure to store Cyberskin sex toys in a cool dry place as they can melt easily.


Fantaflesh sex toys are made by Pipedream Products. Pipedream’s Fantaflesh toys are generally very high quality and some of the most popular sex toys on the internet. You’ll find a wide variety of Fantaflesh toys available on website.

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