Pipedream Extreme F*** My Big A**

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Pipedream Extreme F*** My Big A**
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Pipedream Extreme F*** My Big A**, Best Real Dolls Suggested Price: $219.99
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Shipping Info: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Amazon Reviews: Pipedream Extreme F*** My Big A**

Pipedreams Extreme brings you another specialty toy in the form of the Fuck My Big Black Ass Mega Masturbator. This is a chocolatey toned toy with an astounding bubble butt and two taut openings for the defiling.

This amazing mocha mistress is molded from a real woman and made out of the awesome Fanta Flesh bearing a firm inner core for stability and some lifelike thickness, this material is an industry favorite.

Her handful hips measure 14” inches across and she has a full length of 14.5” inches and a depth of 9.8” inches high making her a powerful princess in a petite and easily hidden (and portable?) size.

Please use only water based personal lubricants with this and all other soft toys as oil and silicon lubricants break down the material and make it melt. Also use mild soaps or cleansers after every use. Her two orifices meet inside to aid in the ease and reliability of your essential cleaning task.

Use corn starch or an equivalent substance after cleaning and when the toy is completely dry to refresh the outside flesh and make it feel fresh out of the box supple. This process also cleans off any tiny bits of potentially missed dirt or any dust left over from storage.

Discreetly packaged and shipped for the utmost in your privacy.

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