Pipedream Extreme Junk In Tha Trunk Ass Sex Toy

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Pipedream Products masturbators have taken on a near mythic stature in the sex toy world. They are well made. They look and feel great, and they are exceptionally fun to fuck. Their Junk in the Trunk toy is a perfect example. It's a well made ebony masturbator from Pipedream Products that does not let one down.

It's one of a handful of ebony, or black masturbators currently available. This one is made of Pipedream's patented FantaFlesh material so it feels pretty amazing.

It's smaller than normal - about 3/4 life-size - which makes it a great hand held toy. It weighs about six pounds - and is a simple toy. It has an open end so it's easy to clean. That said, while it feels amazing, if you have a large cock, you might want to look at something a bit bigger.

It is not hyper-realistic, like other Pipedream Products sex toys, but instead takes a more abstract, cartoon look. There's two holes, anal and vaginal, and both are ribbed.

She comes with a vibrating egg, toy cleaner, revitalizer and lube.

All told, while this ebony masturbator is not one of Pipedream Product's premiere toys, it is a great starter sex toy and can server as a good introduction to Pipedream Product's line of extreme masturbators. It's also a good ebony sex toy for those people looking for a black toy or a small masturbator.

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