Buy Pipedream Men’s Sex Toys Online

There is quite a wide variety of sex toys with a focus on that amazing, toned and healthy torso-style that makes these masturbators so desirable and delectable as well as a large number of realistic body part sex toys, some of which are molded from actors and actresses in the adult film business.

Pipedreams – with their sensuous FantaFlesh material – also make a fantastic line of blow up sex dolls and they have very recently ventured into the robotic blowjob arena, taking advantage of some of the newest sex toy technology available.

Below you’ll find a wide variety of FantaFlesh sex toys from Pipedream Products curated from Amazon. Clicking on the links or images will pop open the Pipedream’s sex toy at They have a lot of amazing sex toys there (in fact, is the biggest seller of sex toys on the internet!) but they are hard to find, so these should serve as some great entry points to their larger collection.

Pipedream Product’s FantaFlesh Videos

Here’s some videos that showcase Pipedream Product’s FantaFlesh Sex Toys. These give a GREAT idea of what they look like and how big they really are in relation to people. These are some of the best sex toy videos on the internet. They feature Kevin Toybear who has become an internet sensation for his demonstrations of these amazing products. Thanks Pipedream Products!

Clean Your Pipedream Product’s FantaFlesh SexToy

As with other lifelike materials, FantaFlesh is latex and phthalate free. But it also requires a bit more TLC than say a solid silicone toy in that they need to be used with only water based lubricants.

After you use your Pipedream Product’s FantaFlesh sex toy, wash it with gentle soaps or cleansers, pat it down to dry and renew it’s texture with corn starch or a suitable equivalent. An external powder can remove the slightly tacky feel that is the result of a proper, flesh simulating material. We also recommend any number of sex toy cleaning products. Like those from Fleshlight (to the right!)

In short, keep it clean!

All in all, if you’re really into luxury sex toys or out there looking for what’s hot on the market right now then you need wander further, for Pipedream Products has something for each of you. Their reputation for high quality and customer satisfaction makes them a frequent high seller and we’re certain you’ll find something incredible from our amazing Pipedream Products selection.