Topco Penthouse Pet Collection Jamie Lynn Vibrating CyberSkin

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Topco Penthouse Pet Collection Jamie Lynn Vibrating CyberSkin
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Penthouse Pet Jamie Lynn Vibrating CyberSkin Pussy & Ass, Best Real Dolls Suggested Price: $32.99
Manufacturer: Topco
Shipping Info: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Amazon Reviews: Penthouse Pet Jamie Lynn Vibrating CyberSkin Pussy & Ass

From the ultra-popular Penthouse Pet Collection from Topco Sales comes the lovely Jamie Lynn, well, her business bits at least, molded straight from the model herself and in a wonderfully compact and portable, hand held stroker form that can also easily be set down and used hands free.

The Jamie Lynn Vibrating Cyberskin Pet Pussy and Ass masturbator is made from the revolutionary Cyberskin material and offers a dual density core and hand painted details for an all-around stunning little toy that packs the same punch as a full size masturbator but easily fit in your sock drawer.

And this toy’s two snug love tunnels meet deep inside and there is an opening at the very back of the toy so cleaning this type of toy has never been quicker or easier!

To keep your stroker ever stroking use only water based lubrication during play and clean completely after each use with a gentle cleanser or mild soap. Always store your toy only after she is completely dry in an equally dry and cool location.

If you wish her to feel fresh out of the box you can dust her down externally with some Cyberskin Renew or corn starch once she is dry. This process will also remove any tiny particles of dirt or dust possibly missed from cleaning, relocation or from storage.

This toy also comes with a vibrating bullet requiring 2 AA batteries that are not included with the toy.

Order from Amazon to have your sex toy discreetly packaged and shipped.

Jamie Lynn Cyberskin Masturbator Video

More Information: Penthouse Pet Jamie Lynn Vibrating CyberSkin Pussy & Ass

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