Sexflesh Giving Gwen 3D Life Size Love Doll

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Sexflesh Giving Gwen 3D Life Size Love Doll
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Sexflesh Giving Gwen 3D Life Size Love Doll, Best Real Dolls Suggested Price: $631.93
Manufacturer: Sexflesh
Shipping Info: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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The Giving Gwen from Sexflesh is a 3D life size sex doll with a firm inner core for added durability, lifelike resistance and a natural feel that cannot be found in a single density sex toy.

Her skin is comprised of Sexflesh’s own signature material, an ultra-realistically textured flesh mimicking substance that is incredibly smooth and remains supple for years with just a slight smattering of corn starch or equivalent renewing powder.

Giving Gwen has a voluptuous shape, round, full breasts, great handfuls of hip with a realistically textured vagina, full clitoris and petal like labia lips, a bouncy bubble backside that hides a snug and ribbed little anal opening for your naughtier fantasy play. Gwen is 20” inches tall, 13” inches across, 7” inches thick and weighs 26 pounds.

Her form allows for some added variation in positioning from your standard love doll of this size as she can easily lie on her back or be flipped over and her backside remains pleasantly presented to you for amazing access from behind.

To extend the life of your Giving Gwen use only mild soaps and cleansers, clean the toy after every single use and use only water based lubricants during playtime. Packaged and shipped discreetly for your privacy.

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