Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette

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Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette
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Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette, Best Real Dolls Suggested Price: $159.91
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Shipping Info: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Amazon Reviews: Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette

Here is a lovely variation to the Pipedreams Extreme fan favorite Fuck My Face Blonde, meet the Fuck My Face Brunette! Dark shimmering tresses frame this sultry gal’s pretty face and accentuate her already expressive orbs whose long lashes bat and flutter to your intimate movements.

She’s a divine being in the realm of oral play for she has nothing holding her back like a pesky gage reflex or the need to breathe. It’s a marvel how well she can accommodate your every inch. Trust me fellas, she’ll down that thing like a pro and look the part doing it.

To make things easier for you when the deed is all done her neck has an opening at the base to allow for a complete cleaning without the use of magick! And if you would like to let this darling lass love you for many years ahead by using only water based personal lubricants with her and washing her thoroughly after every romp with gentle soaps or cleansers and dry her completely before storing her in a cool and dry location.

If you wish for her to feel ultra-soft after every cleaning than you may externally dust her off with corn starch or a similar renewing powder to remove any missed dirt particles or dust from storage or travel.

Of course we don’t recommend taking her out of the country or on a plane as a head in a suitcase will probably only make your flight several hours longer. Discreetly packaged and shipped.

F*ck My Face Mega Masturbators Demonstration

Pipedream Products own Kevin Toybear walks you through two of the best men's sex toys available - the Fuck My Face Mega Masturbators. Enjoy these great demonstrations. They really give a sense of what these sex toys are all about. These are official sex toy demonstrations of the masturbators directly from Pipedream Products.

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