Pipedream Products Pdx F*ck Me Silly 2

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Pipedream Products Pdx F*ck Me Silly 2
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Pdx F*ck Me Silly 2, Best Real Dolls Suggested Price: $197.00
Manufacturer: Pipedreams
Shipping Info: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Amazon Reviews: Pdx F*ck Me Silly 2

Usually when a second version of a certain item is released it outperforms, or at least in some way outshines, the original version of the aforementioned item and in the case of the Pipedreams Extreme Fuck Me Silly Slut 2, made from the incredible, dual density Fanta Flesh, it’s certainly no exception to that already high standard.

Impeccably detailed and more realistic than the original this masturbator is a blue ribbon beauty in a 20.5” inch long by 12.5” inch wide bundle of ultra-feminine features and for your convenience she can easily be stashed under just about anything as her thickness is only that of 6” inches.

This toy bears a meticulously hand painted, hourglass shape; round hips, bountiful breast, tiny waist, even the paint job around her two little tunnels is a notable one and you’d be hard pressed to tell she isn’t the real thing!

Make sure this fabulous little treat stays happy and healthy by only using water based lubrication and washing her after every use with gentle soap or cleanser. To add even more realism duct her off once she is cleaned and dry with some corn starch or similar renewing powder and feel her skin return to life!

This toy, like all of our items, is discreetly packaged and shipped for your safety and privacy.

More Information: Pdx F*ck Me Silly 2

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This luxury sex toy is often for sale at Amazon.com | Safe and discreet ordering | Anonymous shipping.

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