Welcome to the Sex Toy Revolution

SexFlesh is a revolution in sex toy material. Originally designed by NASA for seat cushions, the spongy material was eventually spun off into the private sector where it took a curious turn – ultimately becoming one of the world’s premiere sex toy materials.

Made by XR Brands, they have developed many amazing SexFlesh toys to titillate men. Because SexFlesh feels incredibly lifelike and can be molded into large shapes – those toys are some of the most amazing next generation sex toys you’ll find anywhere.

SexFlesh Sex Toys at Amazon

There are a lot of SexFlesh sex toys currently available. You can find most of them for sale at Amazon. It’s just hard to find them. You can use the small curated collection of SexFlesh toys below as a starting point. Clicking on the toys will open them at Amazon for more information.




Pipedream Products FantaFlesh

Pipedream Products makes some of the most amazing sex toys on the planet. Their Extreme line of toys has not only won accolades from all the major sex toy award shows, but they have given more people more amazing orgasms than almost any other line of sex toys.

Here are some of the Pipedream Products sex toys we’ve looked at on our site.

They are big, brash and LOTS of fun to play with. Their patented FantaFlesh is very similar to SexFlesh in look and feel, but is a bit easier to make large forms with and so we see some amazing life-like – and life-sized – sex toys coming from Pipedream Product’s product lines. Enjoy these AMAZING large sex toys.

Pipedream Products at Amazon

You can find a wide variety of Pipedream Products and FantaFlesh Toys at Amazon. They pretty much have every Pipedreams Products toy available. You just have to dig for them. We’ve create a small collection of their sex toys below. Just click on the sex toys to visit them at the retailer’s site. You can



CyberSkin Sex Toys

Topco sex toys are some of the most detailed and life-like of any of the toys on our site. They feel like the real thing, look like the real thing and people love them.

This is especially good news for lovers of porn stars and famous Penthouse Pets because Topco has licenses with many of them to make sex toys in their image. . .and they are amazing.

Here’s a small collection of Cyberskin toys on our site. We’re adding more all the time so be sure to check back. Clicking on the images or links below will bring you to a review of the toy on our website. Enjoy these amazing Cyberskin sex toys.

Cyberskin Sex Toys from Amazon

There are a huge variety of Cyberskin sex toys for sale on Amazon. This is a small selection and is meant more to serve as entry points into their collection. These are some of the most detailed and realistic sex toys currently available. Clicking on the links below will open the pages in Amazon.